Mindfulness and Asanas for Little Ones


Starfiishmoon Yoga is designed to give children an opportunity to learn valuable skills through playing, exploring, and exercising their mind and bodies. Yoga benefits us (kids and adults) in different ways: increase in strength and flexibility, helps in learning how to relax and body awareness, breath awareness helps with focus and balance, and many more.

Starfiishmoon Yoga was created by Sarah Donahue, who has been teaching children for over 5 years in a classroom setting and has been practicing yoga and mindfulness for many more. She has studied yoga in USA, China, and Southeast Asia. After receiving her Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in Hoi An, Vietnam, she then completed her Children's Yoga Instructor Certification in Manhattan, NY.

Starfiishmoon Yoga classes incorporate fun asanas, or poses, that engage the children to exercise their bodies, use their imaginations, and help calm their busy minds. Breathing exercises, also called pranayama, help children discover the magic of mindful breathing, which can be practiced for the rest of their lives. Partner poses, group poses, games, and singing bring laughter and collaboration into the class. Mindfulness exercises, meditation, and savasana help encourage stillness, peace and reflection.
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Starfiishmoon Yoga has created classes for mini-yogis of all ages and levels. Age grouping is 4-6 years, 7-9 years, and 10-12 years old, and classes are uniquely designed to that age. There is always a new adventure to go on! With themes ranging from Picnic in the Park to Magic Carpet Ride, Starfiishmoon Yoga will keep your mini-yogi active and engaged.

Small group classes are preferred here, so each yogi can truly receive enough assistance from the teacher. Classes are offered at Starfiishmoon’s yoga space in Brooklyn/Queens, and can also be held at group member’s home. Private yoga lessons are also available. These lessons provide a special opportunity to guide your yogi into getting in tune with their body and mind, and also providing valuable mindfulness tools that will help them in years to come.

Starfiishmoon Yoga also is available to do special events such as birthday parties, celebrations, summer camp, after school groups, and much more. Mini-yogi gatherings are fun, educational, and adds something a little different from your regular gathering.

If you are interested in getting your little yogi started on their journey and looking for more information or pricing, please feel free to contact us.

Let the asanas begin!


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